Thursday, October 30, 2008

5 Things You Never Tell A Guy

Ut oh its been like a few days since my last confession, err uh I mean blog confession please forgive me!
There is so much to do in this beautiful city between the parks and the amazing places to EAT, bloging is a hard thing to keep up with ha ha! Ok seriously have I kissed up enough yet to get out of the bogging cyber dog house? Please say yes, I promise to do better I really do! :)

Seriously there is so much to do between running around all over the Springs and playing with my Apple’s from The Mac Superstore right there between JC Penney's and Tan Your Hide right off of Powers Blv. It just leaves me to say honestly there is not enough time in the day! Also when I get a chance to slip out when Jim West is not looking I really love to head over to the Guitar Center and band on some drums. The reason I have to sneak it is Jim will sit there and talk so much guitar lingo it either hypnotizes me or makes me fall into a deep sleep. So I have to get in there when I can and just get lost with the wacky rhythms in my head! Drummers UNITE! If you are a drummer or you would love to try it out I seriously encourage you its a great way to release any sort of frustration and stress's the old fashioned way god intended it! TO HIT SOMETHING with speed an accuracy, HA I love it! Speaking of our afternoon driver “Gentlemen” Jim West came over a few days ago to sit and eat pizza with me and drink all my beer and watch some amazing football. HA it was awesome, however Jim as you may not know get paid pillow cases full of money for what he does at the radio station and he made me buy all the Louis Pizza and BEER, awe yes good ‘Ole Jim he is sucha good friend! Seriously though he is!

This mornings Broadcatt Problem was filled with FUN, People and FRESH NEW COUNTRY! I was having a blast this morning with CONFESSION WEDENSDAY. We took about 60 to 75 calls. Some of the calls were un-airable but that’s ok there were just amazing and naughty stories galore! What I am in the process of doing is getting permission with the Cat Country folks who called in to transcribe them and get them up here on the site! HA now that would be just simply sinful wouldn’t it? I am running in that direction so please check back or e-mail me for more details! Also we had a chance to play BATTLE OF THE SEXES. We had some amazing listeners to have fun with on the radio, including Tony ‘from Tony’s Tunes’ and the always delightful Donna from Fountain! Both of these guys are some amazing friends of the show as well as regular Cat Country listeners that put up with me every single day and never miss a show! I am so proud to call them friends and have those dudes in my life... Chances are you have heard them on the radio before! Anyway to make a long story even longer Donna won and made the men look bad again for the third time in a row POSTED BATTLES OF THE SEXES questions and answers posted below! Right answers marked with *** by them enjoy!


For Men:
When is breast cancer awareness month? January, October ***, or December.
Female Unicorns are known to be white, but what color are male unicorns? Red, Black ***, or Blue.
The size of a bra is commonly described by two values, the cup size and the what? Band size ***, rib cage meter, or the torsomiter.
The first dance that a bride and groom have after their wedding traditionally was called the what? the "Bridal Waltz" ***, the "Groom Boogie," or the "Everlasting Waltz."
For Women:
How many Saw movies are there? 3, 4, 5 ***.
The The Detroit Red Wings are a what? A basketball team, a hockey team ***, or a dogsled team.
Why was Viagra originally developed? To treat coronary heart disease ***, for regrowing hair, for Erectile Dysfunction.
Racquetball incorporates rules from both squash and what other sport? Tennis, handball ***, or soccer.

Also we had a fun time with my ever-growing wasting of time at King Soopers at Powers and Stetson Hills. I have talked about this many times before on the radio but when I am standing in line waiting for beep, beep sounds of my money disappearing, I check out the girlie magazines. Why you might ask? Sometimes its very interesting to see what the ladies are reading and what they write about men! Yes I know this is a form of visual crack for some women, it fascinates me how this stuff can really pollute and entertain many minds and readers for that matter. This mornings we checked out COSMO and I gave you THE FIVE THINGS YOU NEVER TELL A GUY! Please read and comment or add to the situation if needed ladies I want your point of view! HAVE FUN!


All the cute things your pet does -- Coddling a pet makes men suspect that your ideal companion is completely dependent upon you for food, lets you dress him up in colorful wool sweaters, and can be castrated if he starts acting too frisky.
Your belief in alternative medicine -- No matter how important you may feel it is to share your spiritual side, remember: When you tell us about your experiences with aromatherapy, reflexology, or crystals, all we hear is unstable, unstable, unstable.
How impressed you are with what others make -- You don't have to convince us that you're oblivious to material possessions. But ogling a man's paycheck -- ours or somebody else's -- makes us feel like you're attaching our worth to our wallets. And we know there's always going to be someone out there with deeper pockets than ours.
How beautiful the scenery is -- When confronted by natural beauty, men prefer to contemplate it in silence. Women, for some reason, feel compelled to talk at just the moment when we most want quiet.
Who your favorite celebrities are dating -- As a rule of thumb, unless they're naked, we don't want to know. Men have far too hard a time keeping up with their own relationships; the last thing we want is the responsibility of keeping up with the lives of people we'll never meet.


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