Thursday, December 4, 2008

More Sleep Can we HAVE SOME?

Greetings Thursday going down right now as i speak, the snow has hit the SPRINGS!

I went to bed last night, already thinking about and calculating how many hours i would get for tomorrow. Have you done this before? I talked this morning about getting more SHUT-EYE. Here are some MOST excellent ways of making this happen i had to share. I researched a billion articles and found us, or most of us, early risers some answers!

For most of us, we don't get enough sleep as is. So, if you had the chance to put something in your mouth to make you even MORE sleep deprived, would you do it? Of course not, but the fact is – you probably do it every day, without even knowing it. Here are a few things to steer clear of if you want a good night's sleep.

• Put down the burger and fries! Researchers in Brazil found that the more fat you eat throughout the day, the more likely you are to wake up throughout the night, tossing and turning. Also, eating fatty foods leads to a greater chance of abnormal breathing while you snooze and it cuts the amount of REM sleep you get. This sleep helps restore your body after a long day. So the more you get, the more energetic you'll feel the following day.

• Hidden caffeine. It's no surprise that an evening cup of coffee might keep you up, but don't forget about less obvious caffeine sources. Chocolate, cola, tea and decaffeinated coffee, which still contains trace amounts of caffeine, can also disrupt your sleep. If you really want a good night's rest, cut all caffeine from your diet after noon each day. Also, you need to watch out for certain medications. Some prescription and over-the-counter drugs contain caffeine, such as pain relievers, weight loss pills, diuretics and cold medicines.

• A heavy dinner. Lying down with a full belly can make you uncomfortable - since the digestive system slows down when you sleep. If you don't want to toss and turn, make sure to finish a heavy meal at least four hours before bedtime and keep protein to a minimum! Protein-rich foods are harder to digest and they contain the amino acid tyrosine, which can help kick your brain into overdrive when you're trying to wind down.

Now the trick is, following some of these ideas and making them stick to our normal routine, right?

YESTERDAY watching the local news, most things on now-a-days is very negative! Have you noticed? They always tell us how bad it is but never how to fix things, i just can't stand some of these news TV people blabbing on about how we are all doomed. Here is an IDEA, "Shut up!" LOL i mean seriously didn't you learn anthing from your mother? If you do not have something nice to say, then keep it zipped. I have some ideas, so do not let the next line in the following paragraph scare you please, read on.....

So we heard this week that we're officially in a recession -- and have been for a year. No surprise. But as most things turn downward, we're paying attention to some trends that are moving upward. Here are a few things that are up in a down economy:

Cheap food -- Spam is expected to reap some serious profits this year. According to the New York Times, it’s boom times at the Hormel Foods Corporation that manufactures the canned recession-proof meat. Factory workers are racking up overtime working seven days a week to keep up with demand. Other comfort foods that offer comfort to a marketer’s budget are also up so many Americans may be looking to incorporate macaroni and cheese, Jell-O, and Kool-Aid into their Christmas dinners.

Old habits -- New Year’s resolutions are still a month away but it looks like more Americans will be promising to kick the smoking habit come January 1. A recent survey by the American Legacy Foundation found that some former smokers report they are starting to smoke again because of stress over the financial situation. And many current smokers are smoking more on a daily basis.

Second-hand merchandise -- It might be cold outside but yard sales are heating up. While it’s slightly awkward to pick over old books and mismatched dinnerware in your coat and mittens, in some places the yard sale season is stretching well beyond the summer months as shoppers look for deals and sellers hope for extra cash. And though most other commercial retailers are facing a slump in sales, profits are up at Goodwill centers which offer more value than discount stores to desperate customers.

Career alternatives -- A financial crisis might be just the excuse some people need to invest in their educations. Business schools are expecting record levels of interest for next fall’s entering class. Those MBA applicants may have been advised that no matter what happens with the job market in the next two years, more education will lead to more employment opportunities. And military officials think the recent rise in military recruitment comes from the same pool of workers looking for alternatives.

Shared living spaces -- You may have shared a house with a dozen other co-eds in your college days but now many Americans from Louisiana to California faced with the challenge of keeping their homes are now renting out spare rooms or bunking up with tenants.


Donating to a food bank this holiday season? Here are four of the best things to consider giving:

• Proteins. Canned meats such as tuna, chicken or fish are high in protein and low in saturated fat and peanut butter is rich in protein and high in the monounsaturated "good fat." Unfortunately, these foods are too expensive for food banks to buy in large quantities.

• Soups and stews. They're filling, contain liquid for hydration, and they're often filled with protein and vegetables.

• Cereal, including oatmeal. Most cereals today include a variety of vitamins and minerals.

• Canned fruits. Only a small amount of vitamin C is lost in the canning process, making these a healthy choice.

There see it can be done NEWS TV PEOPLE! You can mention some bad news, but have some options or ideas ready to fix the bad stuff. If you guys have any other ideas please feel free to share...


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