Wednesday, December 3, 2008

X-mas LIGHT now or never


DO you have your lights up? All around the Springs lights are going up in a big way. I am debating on when i should shoot mine up yet?

We crowned the Goin' Grisswald light winner the other day. The posting is on

And i cam across this on the web about a man and his lights!!

100,000 XMAS LIGHTS _ Scott Loftus has one of the biggest private animated light displays in Illinois, and it’s all in his own yard. With about 100,000 lights, the animated display at in Sherman, Illinois, is set up so the lights blink in time with a 43-minute, nine-song loop that is synchronized through a computer program. Loftus’ love for Christmas decorations began about 17 years ago, when he would decorate his mother’s apartment balcony with 500 to 600 lights. When Loftus and his mother later moved into a house, his self-proclaimed “craze” for illuminated devices truly took hold. Loftus and a neighbor would hold competitions each year to see who could put up the most lights, with Loftus eventually using about 2,000 of them in a display.

... Loftus’s 100,000-light spectacular is on display from Thanksgiving until a few days after Christmas, though he says he thinks and plans all year long and begins work around November 1 each year.

That's just a man with too much holiday cheer?

Also I have a ton of stuff on my Comcast DVR including yes American Idol, found something strange about SIMON on there as well check this out, and yes i need to clean some of those old shows off MY DVR!

Simon Cowell is reportedly considering increasing security after a sophisticated bug was found on the undercarriage of his car. The music mogul was said to be "completely freaked out" after the device was discovered. Cowell asked his security team to search the Bentley Continental after noticing that a leather-clad biker frequently turned up wherever he was. A source says Simon "has his suspicions as to who is responsible." Earlier this year, auditions for Britain's Got Talent had to be halted when a similar device was found in the green room of the Palace Theatre in Manchester, England.

Another SIMON tid-bit: Simon Cowell has offered a sneak-peek assessment of the next season of American Idol, saying, "One hundred percent a guy will win this year." As for new judge Kara DioGuardi, Cowell commented, "She's mouthy ... I'm beginning to warm to her. ... I think she knows what she's talking about."

Interesting right? More stuff to come

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