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Tuesday rolling right now as we speak! I know this for a fact i drew a line on my Mickey Mouse Calender yesterday thru Monday! HA! Do you have you Valentines DAY PLANNED?!?!?!? We have an amazing thing for you to check out on our main page, I will draw the winner for the best valentines day ever contest on the 12th!!!!! Details? CHECK out our main home page here at www.catcountry951.com

Tid- Bits and Facts about today and this Month, fun crack for the eyes....

This stuff is always fun to scan over....

On this day in 1863, circus little person General Tom Thumb was married to fellow little person, Pinky Finger. That wasn't her real name, but I just liked saying it.
In 1879, the very first electric light was used in a movie theater. Most people's reactions? "Hey, can you turn that thing off! We're trying to watch a movie here!"
On this date in 1933, the very first singing telegram was delivered. I think the actual message was (sung to Mary Had A Little Lamb) "Leaving you for Frank next door, Frank next door, Frank next door... Leaving you for Frank next door, so kiss my butt goodbye!"


The host of ABC's "This week," George Stephanopoulos, turns 48 today. Didn't he used to be on Sesame Street under the name Mr. Stephanopoulos?
Roberta Flack turns 70 today. She sang some of the slowest love songs ever recorded. At times, I'd swear the turntable was moving backwards.


Weddings Month -- The "average wedding" these days runs you more than $23,000! Seems high to me, but all the ladies we asked said it was nothing. I ask you this, why is it that the cost of weddings is going up and the number of couples staying married is going down? Maybe the cost is proportionate to the lasting power of the relationship, that is the less the couple spends on the "material" items i.e. the perfect dress, the ice sculpture, the country club reception, the cinematographers, the white doves, stretch limos. The more likely they stay together. Current average expenses:
• Wedding dress: $1,450
• Cake: $410
• Music/DJ: $971
• Reception: $14,540
• Flowers: $1,500
• Honeymoon: $6,000
• Bachelor party $800 (mostly $1's and $5's!)
Wedding Registry bit: Get a couple on the phone that is really hot for each other and offer them cash to go to a local convenience store (like 7/11) and convince the clerk that they are getting married and want to register there.

Did you miss the 95 Second News Update this am at 6, 6:30, 7 and 8am? Lets kcik some facts today:

• Actor James Whitmore died last Friday of lung cancer at age 87. He was known for his portrayal of Harry Truman in a one-man show and for Miracle-Gro commercials.
• Several fans are said to have stepped forward and are offering one of their kidneys to the ailing Natalie Cole.
• Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow were both at the Grammy's on Sunday, but they have this thing about being seen together in public. Both sat in different places.
• When Chris Brown and Rihanna got tangled up in that mess right before the Emmy's and bowed out, the phone at Al Green's house rang. With two hours and 40-minutes to rehearse, Al & Justin Timberlake teamed up to fill in and knocked it out of the park.
• "CSI: Miami" star Eva La Rue has called off her nuptials. The twice-wed actress was hoping to make it third time lucky when she exchanged vows with seafood businessman Joe Cappuccio.
• Tiger Woods and his wife welcomed a baby boy into the world on Sunday: Charles Axel Woods.
• Boston has banned the sale of cigarettes at all drug stores and is phasing out cigar bars. All will be gone within ten years.
• Eddie Murphy has been ordered to pay $50,000 a month to support the child he had through Spice Girl Melanie Brown... from now, through her 18th birthday.
• Siegfried & Roy are going to do another show one more time in Las Vegas, which will be taped and shown on an upcoming "20/20."
• Simon Cowell doesn't want anyone to know, but he recently helped one-time American Idol Fantasia Barrino out of her foreclosure.

I am hopelessly addicted to Ghost Hunters on the SCI-FI network. Now, saying that i found some pretty amazing stats on the web yesterday. I was blazing through countless pages on my I-mac and check this out....are you one of them?

Almost 25% of Americans believe they were once another person, according to a Harris Poll. Even so, very large majorities of the American public believe in God and the resurrection of Jesus Christ, while substantial minorities believe in ghosts, UFOs, witches, astrology and reincarnation. Overall, more people believe in the devil, hell and angels than believe in Darwin's theory of evolution. Want more?
• 80% of adult Americans believe in God, unchanged since the last time the question was asked in 2005.
• Large majorities of the public believe in miracles (75%), heaven (73%), angels (71%), that Jesus is God or the Son of God (71 percent), the resurrection of Jesus (70%), the survival of the soul after death (68%), hell (62%), the Virgin birth (Jesus born of Mary (61%) and the devil (59%).
• Slightly more people--but both are minorities--believe in Darwin's theory of evolution (47%) than in creationism (40%).
• Sizeable minorities believe in ghosts (44%), UFOs (36%), witches (31%), astrology (31%), and reincarnation (24%).
For the third year in a row, Denzel Washington tops the list of top 10 favorite movie stars, according to a Harris Poll taken in December, 2008. Returning to the list this year at #2, after a one year absence, was Clint Eastwood. The perennial favorite, John Wayne, is tied with Will Smith at #3. John Wayne has the distinction of being the only movie star to appear on every Harris Poll top 10 movie star list since it first began in 1994 and he has been dead since 1979. This kist is rounded out by Harrison Ford, Julia Roberts, Tom Hanks, Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie & Morgan Freeman (tied).
Forget "Rock-a-Bye Baby," 21st century moms are singing pop and rock tunes to their babies to soothe them to sleep. The number one tune in today's nurseries is "Patience" by Take That. That's the word from a survey of moms by The Baby Website. Nearly two-thirds of the mothers said rock and pop was better for getting babies to sleep than traditional lullabies. Why? It appears moms are greatly influenced by the music they listen to during the day. Coming in behind "Patience" were "Angels" by Robbie Williams, "I Kissed a Girl" by Katy Perry and "Wonderwall" by Oasis. Here's more:
• 13% of mothers think lullabies are too old-fashioned to sing to their baby.
• 10% say they don't sing traditional lullabies because they can't remember the words.
• Nearly half of mothers sing to their little one when their baby is upset.
• 33% of mothers always lull their baby to sleep with a song.
If you've ever listened to your sister-in-law divulge the details of her colonoscopy at a family gathering, then you know what it's like to be the victim of too much information, or TMI. Tell-all blogs and social networking web sites, not to mention reality TV, only add to the onslaught. Unfortunately, this flagrant full disclosure offends more than just your sense of decorum and decency. "It's caused by a big cultural shift toward narcissism," says Jean Twenge, Ph.D., associate professor of psychology at San Diego State University. "By talking endlessly about themselves, people lose the ability to show compassion and see a situation from someone else's perspective." You don't have to be part of the problem. If you find yourself on the receiving end of TMI, "change the subject right away," says Twenge. Or excuse yourself. (Ladies' Home Journal)
If you're upset about something, venting endlessly to friends is likely to leave you feeling worse. Women who rehash their woes with pals feel more anxious and sad than those who keep complaints to a minimum, a recent study from the University of Missouri at Columbia indicates.

Even more research: MENS Health Dot Com had some inportant things to comliment my findings form above.....

Guys, suppose your ex-girlfriend is spreading rumors about you. Men's Health asked which description bothers you most?

• Bad in bed -- 31%
• Lying, cheating jerk -- 25%
• Small penis -- 24%
• Immature -- 9%
• Cheap -- 8%
• Commitment-phobe -- 3%

I've been divorced for 2 years and just met an awesome girl. We've gone on a couple dates, and things are beginning to "heat up." I told her about the divorce, and she knows that I'm done with my ex. But I haven't told her one thing: that I have my ex's name tattooed, on my back. It's pretty big, too. I checked into having it lasered off right after the divorce, but I've been broke since then, and I shrugged it off until now. How do I bring this up? I can't guess that she'd be too happy to see another woman's name on my back. Or should I tell her at all and wait til the last possible moment?

Lies your parents told you. You know, the stuff you always believed to be true but found out as an adult it was bogus. We got going on that because my cohost mentioned the "heat webs" under her stairs. She was surprised to find out there's no such thing. It's just spider webs with dust on 'em. So we called her mother and she confirmed that they are old spider webs, but she used to call them "heat webs" because that's what her grandmother called them. Among the calls we got about parent lies were pets "going to a farm." As one guy put it, "I found out later my dog didn't go to a farm, he bought it." Another caller described how mad her son got when he found out his pet fish, Henry, was actually 5 different fish. It seems she lied to him about having a special medicine that would make the floating upside down fish better while he was at school.
What are your favorite workout songs? Which ones will we find in your MP3 player while you're on the stairmaster at the gym? In mine you'll hear, "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go," "Don't Phunk With My Heart" by the Black Eyed Peas, "Mr. Brightside" by the Killers, and "Dancing Queen" by Abba to name a few. They all get my blood a pumpin'!
I got kicked out of (blank) because (blank)! One mom got kicked out of a Little League game after getting into a fight with the umpire, one guy got tossed from Denny's after he started stripping (he was drunk) and walked out the front door right into the arms of 3 sheriff's deputies.

Here are 10 signs that you tied the knot with Mr. or Mrs. Wrong, according to psychologist Lori Kuriman.

1. You sometimes find yourself looking back wistfully at past sweethearts. Even old partners you weren't that crazy about at the time suddenly seem wonderful.
2. You fantasize about other people during lovemaking. It's one thing to have occasional sexual thoughts about members of the opposite sex, but when you can't become aroused without conjuring up the face of someone other than your mate, the marriage is headed for the rocks.
3. You frequently think back to the time you were single and remember that period of your life as "the good old days."
4. You sometimes find yourself "tuning out" your spouse, not hearing what it is they've said - as if part of you is denying that the person even exists.
5. You argue mostly about minor matters instead of big issues regarding your future together.
6. When a member of the opposite sex flirts with your mate, you don't really feel jealous.
7. You prize time alone and actually look forward to your partner's trips away from home.
8. You often cast your mind back to the moment you decided to marry and wonder what would have happened if you had chosen otherwise. This is a common form of marriage-denial.
9. You sometimes think about what you would do if your partner were dead.
10. You often find yourself asking the question, "Did I marry the wrong person?" If you have to ask, of course, the answer probably is yes.

When did it hit you that you had married the wrong person? Did you try and fix the relationship? Can it be done if it's the wrong person?

My old girlfriend has a strange fear of houseplants. So, we asked who out there has a fear just as silly or strange. We heard from listeners who have fears from cotton balls to mascots at high school games.

My co-host told listeners that he was getting ready to hurt some people's feelings and for the first time ever some people were going to tell the truth. We solicited for listeners who hate their step kids; better yet, if you despise your step kids then call us now is what we asked. Surprisingly enough the phone lines blew up with listeners who couldn't stand their spouses rude and pathetic children. Then my co-host went on his rant with each caller about how when you marry someone you sign up for the whole package and not just that one person. He went off on a few listeners and argued that a child that's 6 or 8 years old has no idea what they're doing; if they're rude, it's because they were raised to be rude and the step parent can't hold that against them. Some callers were pissed and others were satisfied; nonetheless, it's a great show topic!
I fell in a parking lot the other day. Much to my confusion, nobody even offered to help me. I am very pregnant and very obviously had a need, but still people just walked on by. We talked about how often that's because people today are afraid to get involved, so that no bad repercussions come back on them later. Like those people that help start someone's heart or do mouth to mouth on the street, with someone who has had an episode, only to get sued later because there were complications. Then we also heard people are scared for their lives in some situations, because the supposed victim is just setting them up. Scary calls.
Still searching for a Valentine's date? Have a penchant for muscular torsos, crew cuts and tattoos? Then www.hotprisonpals.com is the Web site for you. Some of America's most desirable felons are lining up to send you love letters, poems and even proposals of marriage. Ladies, would you ever date an ex-con? Are bad boys a turn on for you? How bad is too bad?
I can't remember why it came up again, but we got calls as usual when we asked why women seem to prefer hairless men now. Is it because they seem younger? We got a few calls from women who appreciate manly men, but most seemed to think more than just a tiny bit of hair is "gross." One guy said he broke up with a former girlfriend because she was obsessed with it. As he put it, "It only takes one waxing to convince you it's not worth it."

(one story form my home town, noted)

A new study from Ohio State University finds that as a general rule, Americans hate McMansions. It's not the big elaborate columns or the sweeping driveways that bother most of us -- it's the height of these giant homes. The so-called McMansions sprouting up in U.S. suburbs are often more than two times as tall as surrounding homes and researchers found people didn't like it when one house was significantly larger than the others on the block. While many communities try to maintain stylistic consistency and limit the size of new homes to less than roughly twice the size of the neighboring houses, others do not. Word of warning -- owning the biggest house on the street is usually a bad idea as it's harder to maximize any return on your investment. Being surrounded by homes that cost less and are smaller almost always means your home will appraise for less and you'll get less for it! (Reuters)

The Bernie Madoff scandal has started to have some unexpected complications. New York lawyer Steven Simkin was one of Madoff's victims and he's now suing his ex-wife, Laura Blank, for the return of part of their divorce settlement, saying he was misled about his actual worth given that he had $5.4 million in a Bernie Madoff account. He paid his wife half the value of the account in an uncontested divorce settlement but of course now has found out that account is worthless. That means Simkin's wife of 30 years avoided the losses caused by Madoff's alleged fraud. Simkin's lawyers are claiming that the account was in fact worthless at the time of the divorce, so Blank shouldn't have gotten anything from it. Because half of nothing is nothing! (Reuters)

In the town of Burnely, England, 72-year-old Robert Holding was holding on to a dying profession. He was the town milkman and turns out made a much better living than you'd expect. That's because milk wasn't the only thing he was delivering to his mostly elderly customers. He also brought them marijuana! Prosecutor Sarah Statham says that Holding offered the drug to customers suffering from aches and pain and they would leave notes on their doorsteps to order the drug. He pleaded guilty and won't be going to jail. They gave him a suspended jail sentence of 36 months. (Ananova)

Retired Microsoft co-founder and philanthropist Bill Gates got the attention of those who came to hear him speak at the Technology, Entertainment and Design (TED) 2009 conference in Long Beach, California. Speaking on behalf of his anti-malaria cause, he released a swarm of mosquitoes in the room saying, "Malaria is spread by mosquitoes! I brought some. Here I'll let them roam around. There is no reason only poor people should be infected." Now none of the released mosquitoes were actually carrying the disease but it did make folks sit up and pay attention about the plight of Africans and South East Asians infected with the mosquito-borne malaria. Gates pointed out that more money is being spent on developing a cure for baldness and wants that to change. He encouraged others to invest in finding a cure for malaria and called for greater distribution of insect nets and other protective gear for affected countries. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, is funding the development of a vaccine for malaria. (myway.com)

A 22-year-old Polish college student called police and charged his own mother with psychological torture after she told him to take a bath and clean up his room. Police rushed to rescue Lukasz Zapalowski, thinking he was a torture victim at the family home in Warsaw. But when they got there his furious mom told officers all she'd done was ask him to have a bath once a week, tidy his room and help with the rent. As a result, Lukasz is facing more torment as detectives investigate him for wasting police time. (Ananova)

American Jennifer Figge has just become the first woman to swim the Atlantic Ocean -- and she did it at age 56! She took 24 days to swim from the Cape Verde islands off Africa to Trinidad, and says she first dreamed of swimming across the Atlantic Ocean as a little girl. She often faced waves as high as 30-feet and swam inside a cage to protect her from sharks, spending up to eight hours in the water at a stretch before returning to her support boat. Crew members would throw Jennifer energy drinks as she swam along. If it was too stormy divers would deliver them in person. She says, "I was never scared. Looking back, I wouldn't have it any other way. I can always swim in a pool." Her amazing journey comes 10 years after a French male swimmer, Benoit Lecomte, made the first known solo trans-Atlantic swim. (Ananova)
There's Just No Crime Here

Two years ago, an Oregon district attorney's office set out to prosecute then 17-year-old David Simmons for having sex with his 14-year-old girlfriend. As the girl was clearly a willing participant, the grand jury in Jefferson County refused to indict Simmons, but the prosecutor acted exactly like the indictment had gone through, and no one, not even Simmons, noticed the mistake. It was only after Simmons agreed to plead guilty in exchange for a 30-day sentence did the news finally reach the foreman of the grand jury that had "no-billed" him, and the foreman's complaint caused the judge to dismiss the conviction. However, now prosecutors in neighboring Lane County have decided to charge Simmons for the same crime claiming that "double jeopardy" does not apply because the Jefferson County case never legally happened in that Simmons was never really indicted. Oh give the poor boy a break. Like high school kids all over America aren't having sex. We're not saying they should but goodness knows they do! Wake up. (Register-Guard---my hometown paper)

I recently unloaded on my best friend for not calling enough. YES, i went Christian Bale on him...then he send me this and i felt like a horses ba-tookie...enjoy....then i figured out it was about a man and a woman, should i call him back and Christian Bale him again????LOL

Here are a few tips on how to be your mate's best friend, according to the books, "A Man's Guide To Being A Woman's Best Friend" and "A Woman's Guide To Being A Man's Best Friend."

• On conversation -- Man to woman: Don't dominate conversation about your work. Woman to man: Listen to him tell you about his work.
• On sex -- Man to woman: Shower and shave before getting into bed at night, and then don't bother her. Woman to man: Light candles in your bedroom.
• On working -- Man to woman: Always do your best at your job. Woman to man: Don't ever imply that you wish he earned more money.
• On finances, Part I -- Man to woman: Place her pedicure ahead of anything you may want for yourself. Woman to man: Live within your budget.
• On finances, Part II -- Man to woman: Prepare your will. Woman to man: Don't shop for clothes when you know he is under financial pressure.
• On quid pro quo -- Man to woman: Never expect her to admit she's wrong. Woman to man: Compromise easily.

V Day is going to be here very soon, not to worry you PAL WINGO has a plan for you?? Scan carefully......

Paige Nienaber points us to lots of good stuff Valentine's stuff on the web.

• You can never, ever go wrong when you open up the phones and let the audience sound off on their psycho ex's. Because we've ALL had them. (Or been them.) http://psychoexgirlfriend.net is one man's tale of terror.

• There are only about 1000 people who bill themselves as "romance experts." It'd be interesting to see if there stuff actually works. Huh; a research project using their advice and your listeners. Go to http://www.romancetips.com

• Using the assumption that most men in a lingerie store feel the same way that women feel in an autoparts shop, Lila Williams has created The Panty Of The Month Club that will deliver a pair of panties to your loved one every month without ever having to enter a Victorias Secret. Call 515-469-6800 or check out http://www.panties.com.

• Ross Jeffries has long billed himself as the King Of Romance and has offered advice on how to pick people up. He now is selling a three day "Speed Seduction" seminar for $895. Another opportunity to take a listener and use them as a guinea pig with a guest. Or sign up that intern who has never been laid. The acid test. Call 703-791-6421.

• Two women from the Twin Cities were getting set to go out for a night at the clubs, and while goofing around, experimented with bottle caps and other things that gave them the appearance of TNE (Total Nipple Erection). As a joke they went out that night, one with the fake EN's and one without. The girl with them was mobbed by guys. The next step was clear; making money off this idea. Voile'! Body Perks were invented. Go to bodyperks.com and check them out, or e-mail them for an interview. It might be a fun sociological experiment to do with a couple of listeners at a club.

• Everyone has someone who they let get away. http://www.lostlovers.com has a lot of stories and pretty much any of the people search sites can assist in helping you reunite a listener with a MIA date from the past?

• Love letter generator: http://www.crazyhoroscopes.com/love-letter-generator2.php

• Back on the dating scene again? A little confused since the rules have changed since you were last "out there"? Then go to americandating.org for a complete guide for getting you through those first awkward dates. http://www.americandating.org

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