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Jan 12

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SKIING! AND just more SKIING!!! If you have not made the trip to EAGLE VAIL, I urge you to do so. SO much fun to be had on the mountain nearby. What am I saying there are mountains all over the place up there, BUT take the TRIP its so much fun. I was able to see many homes for rent, and if I had Tom Cruise money I would break sown and buy something up there HA! Crazy thing is I get home and there is snow in the SPRINGS today. I swear to the snow JESUS it followed me home. I stayed at the VAIL SKI resort. Check out some neatO infO!

Vail Ski Resort in Colorado
Skiing and Snowboarding at Vail Mountain Resort.

The Vail Mountain Experience
The Vail Ski Resort continually claims the prestigious title of “No. 1 Ski Resort in North America” as rated by readers of SKI Magazine. The Vail Ski Area boasts three distinct regions for unparalleled skiing & snowboarding. Here you will explore four terrain parks, seven bowls and 5,289 acres of free ride terrain. Challenge yourself with 1,500 acres of immaculately groomed corduroy. In fact, Vail Mountain claims home to the most groomed terrain on the planet. With a yearly average of 348 inches of snowfall and 300 days of sunshine, Vail will change your idea of a good time, permanently. And, there’s nothing like Vail Village for world-class dining, shopping, galleries, apr├Ęs ski, nightlife and spa services, all just steps from excellent lodging and accommodations.

Vail Skiing & Mountain Stats
Vail Mountain consists of 31 lifts with a total of 5,289 acres of blissful skiing.

Vail Mountain Stats Overview:

2008-2009 Winter Season Dates
Full Season: November 21, 2008 - April 19, 2009*

Total skiable acres: 5,289 acres/2,141 hec
Peak Elevation: 11,570 ft./3,427 m
Base Elevation: 8,120 ft./2,475 m
Vertical Rise: 3,450 ft./1,052 m
Average Snowfall: 350 inches.year
Snowmaking: 390 acres/158 hec
# of Trails: 193
Longest Run: Riva, 4 miles/6.4 km
Average Days of Sun: 300 days/year
Acres Groomed: 1,300 - 1,600 acres/day
Lift Stats
Total number of Lifts: 31
Gondola: 1
High-speed Quad: 16
Fixed Grip Quad: 1
Triple: 3
Double: 1
Surface Lift: 3
Conveyors: 6
Total Uphill capacity: 54,963/hour

So now you know why I didn't blog on Friday, man I WAS ripping it up. E-mail me for more vail info I got a killer deal!

SKIING reminds of me so many memories in Montana....where I was BORN....

The first time I went skiing, I ended up on the lift with a veteran skier. I told him it was my first time and I was having trouble with a couple of maneuvers -- turning and stopping. I asked if he had any tips and his reply was, "Man, you gotta feel the snow." I didn't tell him I'd 'felt' the snow many times as I tumbled down the bunny slopes.
While his advice wasn't that helpful, I did learn a few things that day...namely that skiing involves muscles I never knew I had (until the next day). If you plan on skiing this year, learn from my mistakes and prepare your body for the rigors of skiing.

I saw so many people eat it this past weekend, so I came up with some ideas....

Tips for Weekend Warriors

What makes skiing so fun is the fact that you can only do it at certain times of the year. That's also what makes it dangerous. Because you can't practice skiing before the snow flies, your body is left to fend for itself. On top of that, many of us ski only a few times a year, so we don't have enough consistency to keep our bodies conditioned for it.

To avoid injury and misery, take some time to prepare your body before your trip. If you don't already have a regular exercise routine, it's not too late to start one. Plus, knowing you're doing it in order to enjoy your ski holiday will help keep you motivated.
Build Your Endurance

If you want to get your money's worth out of that expensive lift ticket, you'll need plenty of cardio endurance. Most of us hit the slopes and plan on skiing all day, even if it's been months or years since we last skied. By afternoon, you're so tired that you lose focus. And this is often when injuries and accidents happen.

To prepare your heart and body for long-term skiing, your cardio program should include 3 to 5 days each week of your favorite activity (the best for skiing include running, stair master, step aerobics, elliptical trainer and rollerblading). Try to have a variety of workouts lasting from 20 to 45 minutes. As you get closer to your trip, you can also add time to one of your workouts so that you have one long workout each week. Below is a sample schedule of workouts, just to give you some ideas. These are just examples, so feel free to make your own schedule.

Workout 1: Interval training, 20 to 30 minutes
Workout 2: Medium-pace workout, 40 minutes
Workout 3: Short, intense workout, 20 minutes
Workout 4: Medium-pace workout, 45 minutes
Workout 5: Long, slow workout, 60 minutes

Just some easy IDEAS! I have been skiing since I was 8. If you have any family or relatives or your just a nutball, go for it skier, you need to check out REDLODGE, MT! AMAZING powder there.

This Morning I yapped about my folks celebrity experience. They were on the Davis Letterman show. Well not on it but were in the audience. During the segments of Dave on CBS, when they cut to commercial he talks to the audience. if you have ever wondered why Dave says some of the things he says, that do not make since, I have figured it out now. Sometimes during the course of his show he will make a random references to different things that mean or pertain to absolutely nothing to his show or segment, I now know why. When in commercial break the band is playing and for about 5 mins or so Dave talks' to members' of his audience. When my attended his show, last Wednesday. H came out to the front of the stage and asked if anyone was from out of town. My mother leaped out of her seat and said, " We are!!!" Dave said great from where, blah, blah, blah. He also added that he had a bit of a cold and he has no idea what to do for it. My mother then suggested hot tea with a few drops of honey. HE laughed and then thruought his show, he mentioned to Paul the Band leader 'I have a bit of a cold paul.....then screamed gimmie the hot tea and honey damn it." HA HA! Interesting way he communicates with the audience I think.

This mornings BROADCAST was fun because I asked folks what CELEBRITY ENCOUNTERS they had before. There was a lady who called in who lived in SAN FRAN who sat next
to Steve Young on an airplane. Also another former Californian who spoke about seeing John Stamos in a eatery when she was very little and she stood up and yelled, "UNCLE Jessie, it's Uncle Jessie MOM!!!!!" HA I had to laugh at that, poor John is that all he is going to be know for? Oh I forgot he is or was on ER......


Weathermen in Slovenia recently registered the country's lowest temperatures ever -- 56 below zero (F). So cold that a nearby meteorological institute warned of the risks of having pierced earrings because the metal could cause dangerous freezing against the skin. (burr man I think we found a place colder than the SPRINGS)

Australian tourism officials are offering British citizens the chance to bag the "best job in the world" as the caretaker of a desert island -- with a salary of nearly $1,500 per hour. The position requires "minimum effort" and involves "relaxed" duties such as feeding turtles, watching whales, and picking up the island's mail. Applicants require no academic qualifications, but must possess good swimming skills and a love of snorkeling, scuba diving and other water sports. Candidates will also have to demonstrate an "adventurous attitude" and a "willingness to try new things". The successful applicant will live rent-free in the lap of luxury on Hamilton Island, dubbed the 'jewel in the crown' of the Whitsunday Islands off the Queensland, Australia, coast. They will receive a three-bedroom house with "unbeatable" views of a crystal-clear lagoon lined with palm trees and ringed by white sandy beaches. The six-month contract comes with a salary package of $105,000, including free return flights, transfers, expenses and transport around the island. That equates to just under $1,500 per hour based on a 'flex-time' schedule of a 12-hour working month. The offer might sound too good to be true, but the Queensland Tourist Board insists there is no catch. ( just crazy....what can I say sign me up)

One of the world's most famous chocolate makers, Cadbury, has decided to warn chocolate lovers that its product contains... milk. Cadbury says it's also necessary to print warnings in capital letters in yellow boxes saying "CONTAINS: MILK" in case people who are allergic to milk do not realize that there is milk in Cadbury milk chocolate. A Cadbury spokesman said the company was complying with the law relating the presence of allergens in food. (HA AHAHAHAAH I am laughing out loud...hahahahah LOL LOL LOL)

In Florida, an unidentified man, tricked out in a black ninja outfit with a hood that only showed his eyes, was caught on surveillance cameras trying to steal ATM machines. Surveillance footage shows the heavyset man with a noticeable pot belly struggling to steal the machines, with no success. (it had to be my uncle Raymond)


1. Gran Torino, $29 million
2. Bride Wars, $21.5 million
3. The Unborn, $21 million
4. Marley and Me, $11.3 million
5. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, $9.4 million
6. Bedtime Stories, $8.5 million
7. Valkyrie, $6.6 million
8. Yes Man, $6.1 million
9. Not Easily Broken, $5.6 million
10. Seven Pounds, $3.9 million

... The #1 movie this week last year was The Bucket List.


• Emma Roberts, Jake T. Austin, Don Cheadle
• Two kids secretly take in nine stray dogs at a vacant house.

• Kevin James
• When a shopping mall is overtaken by a gang of organized crooks, it's up to the a mild-mannered security guard to save the day

• Jensen Ackles, Jaime King
• Tom returns to his hometown on the tenth anniversary of the Valentine's night massacre that claimed the lives of 22 people. Instead of a homecoming, however, Tom finds himself suspected of committing the murders, and it seems like his old flame is the only one will believes he's innocent.

• Daniel Craig, Liev Schreiber
• Three Jewish brothers escape from Nazi-occupied Poland into the Belarussian forest, where they join Russian resistance fighters and endeavor to build a village in order to protect themselves and others in danger.

• Jamal Woolard, Derek Luke, Angela Bassett
• The life and death story of Notorious B.I.G. (aka. Christopher Wallace).


I saw this in Sunday's Parade magazine. Some pretty interesting info on what we need to know to survive bad stuff. (Wingnut note: The one on heart attacks is great. Stay out of Chicago!)

Plane Crash: So where is the safest place to be on a plane? After reviewing more than 100 plane crashes and their seating charts, Professor Ed Galea of the University of Greenwich in England says to ignore the front and back rows and instead follow the Rule of Five: The safest seats on a plane are within five rows of any exit. But every seat is probably safer than you realize. The survival rate for the most-serious plane crashes is surprisingly high--76.6 percent.

Hotel Fire: The next time you stay in a hotel--or visit an office building--consider this fact: Most fire departments use ladders that, at their maximum, can extend around 80 feet into the air. That means in order to be able to climb out of your building's window and onto a truck's ladder, you should be on or below the seventh floor.

Hospitals: If you need to go to the hospital, weekdays are much safer than weekends. One researcher found that more people died from serious illnesses if they were admitted on weekends than during the week. Possible explanations are lower staffing levels and the presence of workers who are less experienced and less familiar with procedures and patients. Also, hang on to your faith. Research from Bowling Green found that patients who abandoned or were angry at God experienced a six to ten percent greater chance of dying than those whose faith remained steady.

Hospitals: Beware of checking out of the hospital on a Friday. It’s the most common hospital discharge day, because doctors try to send patients home for the weekend. But Canadian researchers have found that individuals released on that day show a greater risk of death or being re-admitted to the hospital.

Heart Attack: Going into cardiac arrest is never a good thing, but if it happens, one of the best places to be is in a casino in Las Vegas. In Vegas, security cameras and guards are constantly scanning casino floors in order to catch cheaters, thieves, and troublemakers. If a visitor collapses, someone will notice right away. As a result, the heart-attack survival rate in Las Vegas is 53 percent, compared to 16 percent for Seattle or 2 percent in Chicago.

Car accidents: The uncomfortable hump in the backseat of a car is the spot where no one wants to sit, but experts say it's actually the safest for passengers. Overall, riding in the back is 59 to 86 percent safer than riding in the front. And for those people sitting in the driver's seat: If you're searching for the safest vehicle, you might want to avoid cars with dark paint colors. Australian researchers found that white cars were less likely to be involved in accidents than those of any other color. Compared with white cars in daylight hours, black cars had a 12 percent higher crash risk.

Crossing the street: The three deadliest days for pedestrians are Jan. 1, Dec. 23, and Oct. 31.

Birthdays: Women are more likely to die in the week after their birthdays than any other week of the year, while men's deaths peak before their birthdays. Birthdays may function as a "lifeline" for many women, who prolong life for the occasion, but act as a literal "deadline" for men.

JOKE of the DAY sent it from my Buddy Bob Billings... NICE BOB....NICE

Two farmers were discussing politics and the first one says: "I believe in a share and share alike policy. One where we are all equal." "Well" replied the other farmer "I'm not sure about that. What you mean is that if you have two horses you'd give me one?" "Of course" says the first. The second farmer continued: "And if you had two cars, you'd give me one of them too?" "Absolutely," replied the first. "So," says the second farmer, "if you had two pigs then you'd give me one of them?" "Ah, now hang on a minute" says the first, "you know I've got two pigs!"




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