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SUNSHINE is back , yes i know i am stating the obvious, but i can still do a little sunshine cheer right? LOL Wait a sec, though they say it might snow tomorrow?!!?! BLA, curse you nasty weather-man curse you!

INFO FUN facts from my Montana Grand mother! ( do you care about this stuff? )

This is day 28 of 2009, with 337 days remaining.
• 1813: Pride and Prejudice was first published in the United Kingdom.
• 1878: Yale Daily News became the first daily college newspaper in the United States.
• 1887: In a snowstorm at Fort Keogh, Montana, the world's largest snowflakes were reported: 15 inches wide and 8 inches thick.
• 1915: An act of the U.S. Congress creates the United States Coast Guard.
• 1934: The first ski tow in America began operation in Vermont.
• 1958: The Lego company patented their design of Lego bricks.
• 1959: Vince Lombardi was named head coach of the NFL's Green Bay Packers.
• 1985: USA for Africa recorded the hit single We Are the World, to help raise funds for Ethiopian famine relief.
• 1986: The Space Shuttle Challenger broke apart 73 seconds after liftoff, killing all seven astronauts onboard, including Christa McAuliffe, who was supposed to be the first teacher in space.
• 1994: The first trial of accused murderer Lyle Menendez ended in a mistrial. He and his brother Erik were later found guilty and sentenced to life in prison without parole.
• 2006: In Leavenworth, Kansas, Thomas Haynes was an enterprising young drug dealer. So enterprising that he had some business cards made up to advertise himself as the town's "boss" drug dealer. Police officers got one of the cards, called the number, set up the buy and when he showed up to make the delivery he was arrested.

• Actor Alan Alda (M*A*S*H, The West Wing) is 73
• Actress/singer/model Barbi Benton is 59
• French president Nicolas Sarkozy is 54
• Golfer Nick Price is 52
• Singer Sarah McLachlan is 41
• Singer/actor Joey Fatone ('N Sync, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Dancing with the Stars) is 32
• Singer Nick Carter (Backstreet Boys) is 29
• Actor Elijah Wood (Lord of the Rings, Green Street Hooligans) is 28
• Heiress Athina Onassis is 24

• 1845: The Raven, by Edgar Allan Poe, was published for the first time in the New York Evening Mirror. Poe took the pen name Quarles in signing the poem.
• 1861: Kansas, the Sunflower State, entered the United States of America this day.
• 1924: Carl R. Taylor of Cleveland, Ohio, patented the ice cream cone rolling machine.
• 1936: Ty Cobb, Babe Ruth, Honus Wagner, Christy Mathewson and Walter Johnson were the first players to be elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame.
• 1949: The Newport News was commissioned as the first air-conditioned naval ship.
• 1968: Coach Adolph Rupp of the Kentucky Wildcats notched win #772 and became the winningest coach in college basketball history, as Kentucky beat Mississippi.
• 1977: Rose Royce earned the #1 spot on the music charts with Car Wash, from the movie of the same name.
• 1999: Britain's Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles appeared together in public for the first time, posing for photos outside London's Ritz Hotel, where they had attended a party.
• 2000: A teenage boy in Thessaloniki, Greece, survived a 63-foot fall from his seventh-story apartment balcony after landing on two plastic dumpsters. The 17-year-old was hospitalized with a broken leg and a mild concussion.
• 2002: In his State of the Union Address, United States President George W. Bush describes "regimes that sponsor terror" as an Axis of Evil, in which he includes Iraq, Iran and North Korea.
• 2006: Bob Woodruff, ABC's evening news co-anchor, and his cameraman, Doug Vogt, were severely injured when hit by a roadside bomb northwest of Baghdad.
• 2006: In Boston Tyrone Brown posted an online ad, offering cocaine for sale. He included his phone number. Cops called the number, set up a purchase and busted him.


Stop the presses! (You can't, it's the Internet!) Randy Jackson actually dropped a massive (albeit ineloquent) truth bomb during tonight's episode of American Idol. But before you fly into a panic wondering what shocker to expect next — a ''no'' vote for a marginal contestant from Paula? A product-free hairstyle for Ryan? — bear in mind that the Dawg probably didn't mean to express what I (and a lot of fellow Idoloonies) have been thinking about our favorite show for the last three weeks.

You see, I'm pretty sure the poet/bassist/television personality was simply commenting on yet another moment of ''spontaneous'' ''hilarity'' involving Paula, Simon, Ryan, and himself, and not actually railing against what's been a strangely dissatisfying collection of low-wattage auditions to date when he declared: ''The bizarre season of American Idol season 8...the bizarre season continues in Jacksonville!''

And yet, as much as my favorite show has been underwhelming me over the first five episodes of its eighth season, I also noticed that tonight's festivities opened to the strains of Journey's ''Don't Stop Believin','' and it gave me a thin thread of hope that maybe, just maybe, the producers are holding back on showing us the talent, and planning to unleash a human tidal wave of future Daughtrys and J.Huds and Archies when Hollywood Week kicks off on Feb. 3. (Ooh! Just one week to go!)

Yeah, I know, it's a long shot. Why in the name of all that's pitchy would Fox want to mislead us into thinking this year's talent pool will live to disappoint? And the Journey bit was supposed to be an homage to Randy, who played bass with the band back in the day. But think about it: The judge voted most likely to need a thesaurus isn't actually from Jacksonville, and while he does share a name with Florida's largest city, was that really any reason for him to don a safety-orange t-shirt with blue palm-tree designs and swap seats with Simon for a day? No, people, it was not. Therefore, I choose to spin the theory that ''Don't Stop Believin''' was a subtle message from Idol producer Cecile Frot-Coutaz (how I love to type that name!) to you and me: ''It's going to get better, guys!''

And despite evidence to the contrary, I choose to believe season 8 is going to get better because I love American Idol more than caffeinated soft drinks and bacon combined. Because I believe in the power of undiscovered musical talent to bring the citizens of this great country to tears (or sometimes to blows). And because, well, I get paid to blather almost exclusively about Fox's wildly popular talent competition from January to May every year, and I'm not gonna lie to you: It's a pretty sweet gig.

So without further ado — and because I am fighting a losing battle with a severe case of nausea tonight — let's cut to the chase with the five ways tonight's show could (should?) give us all a little hope.

MORE IDOL RECAP ROUGHAGE: from seacost online:

Didn’t anyone learn from Ross Plavsic? Last week in Louisville, the guy who rearranged Chinese characters and sounded like Lurch butchering "Cara Mia" – he had a degree in physics.

This week, in Jacksonville, another one showed up. George Ramirez – who looks like a cute guy who somehow got lost at sea for a month and ended up with a “Cast Away” beard – is also a physics major. Who can’t sing. Who butchers songs in a low, ultra-serious voice.

George had what Randy called “the quietest audition” ever on “American Idol.”

What is it with physics majors? Simon asked George if he’d ever done this before and he said he sang for his friends. Maybe good scientists are tone deaf.

Simon: “This isn’t for you, is it?”

He’s silent.

Simon: “I’ll tell you -- it isn’t.”

Simon wasn’t a big fan of Jacksonville; at least, not day one.

“They weren’t very good,” he told Ryan. “Mostly they were terrible.”

There were a couple of standout folks, including Miss Florida Latina USA candidate Julissa Veloz. She wants to be the first Latina “Idol” and after they made fun of her laugh, the judges let her through.

You could tell Simon liked Jasmine Murray because he got that “I like this girl” look on his face.

Simon: “Cute, commercial and you’re a very, very good singer.”

I felt bad for Anne Marie Boskovich, even though she made it through. She came in, gushed over seeing a Kara concert – she managed to make it sound genuine instead of an arse kissing – and the judges told her she needed to come back with a “superstar” persona.

Why? Why can’t the “American Idol” just be a nice, genuine, natural girl? She was very pretty even before the makeup and mussed up hair and sleeveless shirt. Why did she need to get a little *sexier* before she could be let through?

Be true to yourself, Anne Marie!


 Joshua Ulloa

Sings Marvin Gaye

Compared to Justin Guarini, but this guy has more personality. He’s a goof.

Randy: Dawg, you got all the sound effects and everything.
Simon: In parts, you were very good. Then it was very gimmicky and very corny. It was like Inspector Gadget or something.
Randy: Actually, for me, dawg, I liked the crazy.
Simon: I’m gonna say yes.
All others say yes.

 Girl brought her dog, Sasha.

Sings “Superstar” by Karen Carpenter

She’s pretty good but they’re distracted by the dog, who is in Simon’s lap.

Simon: I think you’ve got a nice voice. I’m going to say yes.
Randy: I’m going to say yes.

Paula almost attacks Kara and kisses her. Then Kara had to pull up her dress.

Paula says yes.

Kara: My job isn’t done here until Simon tries something on me.

 Miss Florida Latina USA

Julissa Veloz

Simon: It’s better than what I thought it was going to be. Having said that, you didn’t make it sound nice.

(They make fun of her laugh.)

Kara: You have a voice. I was kind of on the edge of my seat to see what happened.

Randy wants to know what Simon thinks. Paula feels left out. Now that they have four judges she feels like they don’t need her.

 Darin Darnell likes to work the room. He’s happy-go-lucky and excited … until his friend is cut. Then he loses his energy and excitement.

He can’t really sing well anyway. Poor guy.

Kara gives him speech about how the music business isn’t for him, because he’s too emotional. She says they’re doing him “a solid” for letting him go.

 Naomi’s friend Samantha is a huge fan of Randy. She sits on Randy’s lap.

So Paula sits on Simon’s lap.

Ryan comes in and sits on Kara’s lap.

Poor Naomi hasn’t had a chance to sing.

She tries to sing “Loving You” and does a horrible job.

Simon thinks it’s a joke. She cries, so Randy, Paula and Kara go up to hug her. (I bet it was still a joke.)

 Jasmine Murray

Simon has that “I like this girl” look on his face.

Simon: Cute, commercial and you’re a very, very good singer.

She’s going to H-wood.

 George Ramirez has a beard for no good reason.

Another physics major. What is it with physicists and this show? Some delusional dream? He can’t sing. Not one bit.

Randy calls it the quietest audition they’ve ever had.

Simon: This isn’t for you, is it?

He’s silent.

Simon: I’ll tell you, it isn’t.

 Anne Marie heard Kara sing something at Nashville.

She has a great voice and they want her to come back as a superstar.

 T.K. Hash sings John Legend. He had auditioned last year.

He’s OK, but I’m not convinced he’s good enough.

Paula thinks he was inspired by David Archuleta

Kara was the deciding vote to get him to Hollywood (Simon said no)

 Michael Perrelli plays guitar everywhere he goes.

He can’t take the guitar in the room and it terrifies him. He’s freaking out even before the audition. Crying. I hate when they cry BEFORE the audition.

He has a smiley face backpack.

Simon: I think you’re quite interesting, but your voice isn’t.
Kara: I think you’d be better with your guitar.

Simon: Advice -- don’t start pleading like that. It’s not necessary. It’s tough for anybody in life full stop. You get a job like everybody else and you have a band on the side.

(Everyone else says “yeah”)

Wow. They get really nasty after that. Saying he’s getting on their nerves. Nasty.

 Anne Marie Boskovich comes back with a makeover

She is quite pretty. Everyone is smiling at her.

Randy: I think you have a really great voice. I love the whole vibe.

She needs to get the whole star persona out, they say. I say, heck with them!

T.V. tonight!

AMERICAN IDOL (8p ET, FOX) -- More auditions, this time from Salt Lake City. A new "Lie To Me" follows.

THE CBS EVENING NEWS WITH KATIE COURIC (8p ET, CBS) -- This one-time special primetime broadcast will be in addition to the regular newscast and will include breaking news of the day. The rest of the CBS lineup is repeats tonight.

LOST (9p ET, ABC) -- A new episode. A repeat of the second hour of the season premiere airs before.

LAW & ORDER (10p ET, NBC) -- A new episode. A new "Knight Rider" airs at 8p ET.

LIFE ON MARS (10p ET, ABC) -- "Life" returns with new episodes.

TOP CHEF (10p ET, Bravo) -- It's a Super Bowl cook-off against seven all-stars from previous seasons.

DAMAGES (10p ET, FX) -- A new episode.

Entertainment 411

FBI HELPS IN TRAVOLTA CASE _ The FBI has reportedly joined the investigation into the alleged plot to extort money from John Travolta following the death of his teenage son. According to E! News, the organization has lent voice analysis experts to the Bahamian police to help them probe "sensitive" phone calls between lawyers for the Travoltas and the politician who has been accused of extortion.

... RadarOnline reports the item at the center of the extortion case is a "refusal to transport" document. Some reports said a photograph was at the center of the case. But RadarOnline reports the extortion charges stem from a conversation Travolta had with the paramedic concerning where Jett should be treated. Travolta originally wanted to fly Jett back to the U.S. for treatment, believing it would take just as long to transport his son to a Bahamian hospital as it would to fly him to Florida. confirmed with a source close to the situation that while Travolta originally preferred to have Jett treated in the U.S. he realized there was no time and agreed to have him treated in the Bahamas.

OLIVIA NEWTON-JOHN'S BOYFRIEND MAY BE ALIVE _ Olivia Newton-John's onetime boyfriend, who disappeared in 2005 and was presumed to have drowned at sea, may be alive after having faked his own vanishing act, according to a private investigator hired by Dateline NBC. Former cameraman Patrick McDermott apparently slipped out of sight to escape debts and let his son cash in a $100,000 life-insurance policy, believes investigator Philip Klein.

OBAMA GIRLS GET HARRY POTTER INVITE _ They've already been invited to hang with Hannah Montana, now Malia and Sasha Obama also have the chance to meet Harry Potter. Potter star Daniel Radcliffe has offered to show the first daughters around the Harry Potter set.

SUSAN SARANDON ON ER? _ There have been lots of rumors about George Clooney's return to ER. Here's the latest news: Oscar winner Susan Sarandon will share some scenes with Clooney. NBC wouldn't confirm or deny either Clooney or Sarandon's guest-starring gigs on the medical drama, and calls to the actors' reps were not returned.

JOSH HOLLOWAY NOT COMFY WITH CELEB THING _ While his Lost role has earned him much fame, fortune and status as a sex symbol, Josh Holloway says being labeled as such gets in the way of his everyday life. In a Company magazine interview, Holloway says that the "whole sex-symbol thing is really strange," saying he "wouldn't wish it on anybody." Holloway adds, "I appreciate the opportunity to work, the cash it gives you, and other things it provides are wonderful. But the celebrity thing ... I don't like attention."

THORNTON AND JOLIE AGAIN? _ Billy Bob Thornton says he'd love to work with ex-wife Angelina Jolie again. The couple first worked together in the film Pushing Tin, back in 1999. And apparently, Angelina is also itching to work with Billy Bob. He says, "She and I keep looking for something to do together; we just have to find the right thing."

This morning we talked about the 'rich people' in Hollywood and what they were doing before they really started rolling in the cash.....before they were famous.....check it out


* Sean Connery -- Back when Sean was still known as Thomas Sean, he held a series of odd jobs to help his family out during the depression. These included delivering milk, driving a truck, and polishing coffins.

* Michelle Pfeiffer -- Supermarket cashier

* Jack Nicholson -- Office boy in MGM's cartoon department

* Alec Baldwin -- Busboy

* Luciano Pavarotti -- Elementary school teacher for two years -- but only after abandoning his dream job of being a professional football goalkeeper.

* Patrick Swayze -- Professional ballet dancer with Disney on Parade

* Pierce Brosnan -- Fire-eater. Yeah, like with the circus. He learned it as a teen and says he still puts it on his resume.

I got several e-mails from people asking me why i always say nap time on my blog, well its simple i take an afternoon nap because i rise so early every flipping day, check out some very important info about being a napper!!!

A short snooze during the day will boost your mood and your intelligence -- but there's more to it than simply closing your eyes

• A nap of 60 minutes improves alertness for up to 10 hours.
• Research on pilots shows that a 26-minute "NASA" nap in flight (while the plane is manned by a copilot) enhanced performance by 34% and overall alertness by 54%.
• One Harvard study published last year showed that a 45-minute nap improves learning and memory.
• Napping reduces stress and lowers the risk of heart attack and stroke, diabetes, and excessive weight gain.
• A British study suggested that just knowing a nap was coming was enough to lower blood pressure.
• A short afternoon catnap of 20 minutes yields mostly Stage 2 sleep, which enhances alertness and concentration, elevates mood, and sharpens motor skills. To boost alertness on waking, you can drink a cup of coffee before you nap. Caffeine requires 20 or 30 minutes to take effect, so it will kick in just as you're waking.
• Naps of up to 45 minutes may also include rapid eye movement (REM) sleep, which enhances creative thinking and boosts sensory processing.
• Limit your nap to 45 minutes or less, if you need to spring into action after dozing. Otherwise, you may drift into slow-wave sleep. Waking from this stage results in sleep inertia, that grogginess and disorientation that can last for half an hour or more.

One of my best friends in the whole entire world is having a baby in a little TOWN CALLED Eugene, Oregon and is scared to death. Not about being a good father, but if he and his new wife can afford it.....check this out:

Everybody knows that having a child puts a dent in your family finances, but not everybody plans for it. What's worse, even those who do plan have lots of misperceptions about just how big an impact a little baby can have, according to a survey of 1,000 new and expectant parents (commissioned by Redbook and VISA).

76% of expectant parents say they feel financially prepared for having a baby -- but 41% of new parents admit that, in hindsight, they were not as financially prepared as they thought.

It turns out there's a major financial roadblock that expectant parents often fail to account for: hospital bills. One in four new parents ended up spending more than $2,000 on out-of-pocket costs for services associated with a normal delivery -- costs that they thought would be covered by insurance.

Nearly half of new parents say they spent more money than necessary on a car seat; 36% overspent on strollers; about 25% went overboard on baby photos, a crib and clothing.

Even though expectant parents tend to underestimate the overall financial impact of having a baby, they also overestimate the cost of daily expenses. Expectant parents figure on spending an average of $120 a month on diapers; new parents actually spend half that. What gives? New parents are savvier shoppers: Three-fourths of them shop for baby items at discount retailers, compared with only half of expectant parents. It makes sense: A Consumer Reports comparison recently found that some store-brand diapers work just as well as brand-name ones and cost a lot less -- assuming you change six diapers a day, you'd save about $220 a year.


Surprise -- the prices on many baby items have gone down in the last decade. (1994 prices have been adjusted for inflation.)
1994: Huggies 100 count Step 1 diapers at Costco, $19.58
2005: Huggies 100 count Step 1 diapers at Costco, $13

1994: 336 count Pampers Baby Fresh Wipes at Sam's Club, $10.22
2005: 336 count name-brand wipes at Costco, $7.70

1994: 16-oz. can of name-brand formula at grocery store, $10.17
2005: 16-oz. can of name-brand formula at grocery store, $17.60

1994: average, $196
2005: average, $220

1994: average cost of first year's layette, $653
2005: average cost of first year's layette, $500

OUCH! I have a cat, that's all i need.....

JOKE of the DAY:
Service in the restaurant was extremely slow. The husband was starting to flip out, so his wife tried to distract him with small
talk. "You know," she said, "our friend Rachael should be having her baby anytime now." "Really?" the husband snapped. "She wasn't even pregnant when we walked in here."

CMN (country music news) that you can use:

Due to high demand, KENNY CHESNEY tickets for his June 27 concert at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia will now go on sale January 31, two weeks earlier than planned. He will be joined at the show by SUGARLAND, MONTGOMERY GENTRY, MIRANDA LAMBERT and LADY ANTEBELLUM.

MIRANDA LAMBERT will head into the studio in February to begin work on her third album. She's been writing songs for the project and can’t wait to get back on the road to play them for her fans.

MIRANDA LAMBERT has named her new horse Zeus Troubadour after the Greek God and the God of Country Music -- GEORGE STRAIT. She got the horse from some friends who didn't have enough time to ride him.

TAYLOR SWIFT's got the life any young woman would want, but she tells Teen Vogue it wasn't always so great. She tells the magazine, "Junior high was actually sort of hard because I got dumped by this group of popular girls. They didn't think I was cool or pretty enough, so they stopped talking to me." Another reason she was singled out? "The kids at school thought it was weird that I liked country [music]. They'd make fun of me." But all that changed in ninth grade when she moved from her hometown in Pennsylvania to Nashville and scored a record deal. A year into her career, Taylor returned to perform in the place where earlier she'd been mocked -- and saw the girls who made her feel so badly about herself. She says they showed up, wearing her T-shirts and asking her to sign their CDs. Taylor calls the visit "bittersweet."

BRAD PAISLEY’s tour stops in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Bossier City, Louisiana, San Antonio and Lubbock, Texas were all sellouts last week. The 2009 leg of his Paisley Party tour has sold 225,000 tickets in 24 shows so far. His opening acts this month are DIERKS BENTLEY and DARIUS RUCKER, but Darius will give way to CRYSTAL SHAWANDA in February.

NAP time...


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