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Jan 15

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FIRST off I have to confess I AM WIRED MAN! There is a bran- new product out and completely rocks! Called, say it slow RED BULL COLA! WOW i found this stuff and i think it was invented for people who get way really really early! I know Jim West is a HUGE FAN of the energy drinks and I always tell hi to drink more water, but dang it they are good...... Allow me to explain.....

From the makers of one of the original energy drinks comes Red Bull Cola, a new cola with a twist. It's the first major brand extension for the company and they're setting it apart from other similar soft drinks and from Red Bull itself by taking pride in being "strong and natural." We were pleasantly surprised by just how different from its cousin it is.

Without taurine or any other secret formula, Red Bull Cola is more about taste than it is about partying all night long. Using all-natural ingredients (the caffeine is even extracted from coffee beans) and plant extracts — including kola nut, cacao, ginger, vanilla, cardamom, cinnamon, lemon, lime and coca leaf to name a few — it has a complex spiced flavor with that classic cola taste.

Falling somewhere between Pepsi and Coca Cola, it's a bit on the sweet side (though happily it has no high fructose corn syrup) and it reminds me of RC Cola. The carbonated sting is fairly strong but refreshing and followed by a lemon and lime-dominated aftertaste.

While there are always several companies that try to bully their way into the cola market, most fail in the face of the reigning behemoths. But, after becoming slightly obsessed when we first tasted it at a party, we'd wager that Red Bull Cola has some staying power. Naturally, it also allows the brand to further integrate themselves in the club and bar market.

It's already released in parts of Europe and in Las Vegas in the States, but due to the natural ingredients it will be phased in globally. Nonetheless, expect it to hit the shelves of your local grocer sometime later this year or in early 2009. Have a look at the website for more info.

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You there is junk food for your mouth and body i consider this stuff junk food for your brain, just random facts, geek type stuff that take up too many brain cells....


• 1844: The University of Notre Dame received its charter from the state of Indiana.
• 1889: The Coca-Cola Company, then known as the Pemberton Medicine Company, was originally incorporated in Atlanta, Georgia.
• 1892: James Naismith published the rules for basketball.
• 1936: The first building to be completely covered in glass was completed in Toledo, Ohio. The building was for the Owens-Illinois Glass Company.
• 1943: The world's largest office building, The Pentagon, was dedicated in Arlington, Virginia.
• 1967: In the first ever Super Bowl, the Green Bay Packers defeated the Kansas City Chiefs, 35-10. Over 63,000 fans were in attendance.
• 1974: "Happy Days" premiered on ABC-TV. It starred Ron Howard, Anson Williams, and Donny Most, along with Tom Bosley, Marion Ross, and Erin Moran. Supporting actor Henry Winkler (The Fonz) quickly became a major star.
• 1991: The United Nations deadline for the withdrawal of Iraqi forces from occupied Kuwait expired, preparing the way for the start of Operation Desert Storm.
• 1998: One of Britain’s most famous fugitives, a runaway pig named Butch Cassidy, was captured eight days after escaping with his buddy, the Sundance Pig, from a London slaughterhouse and swimming an icy river to freedom. After live TV coverage of the capture, the slaughterhouse owner agreed to spare the lives of the new hog heroes. The Sundance Pig, however, remained at large.
• 2004: Three teenagers who went streaking through a Spokane, Washington, restaurant watched in horror as a thief drove off in their car, which they left running to make a fast getaway. Naked in below zero degree temperatures, the three youngsters huddled behind cars in a nearby parking garage until police arrived.

• West Virginia Senator Robert Byrd is 91
• Singer/actress/dancer Charo is 68
• Actress/comedian Andrea Martin (My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Second City) is 62
• Actor/director Mario Van Peebles is 52
• Actor Chad Lowe (ER, 24) is 41
• Actress Regina King (Ray) is 38
• Actor Eddie Cahill (CSI: New York) is 31

DATEBOOK - January 16, 2009
This is day 16 of 2009, with 349 days remaining.
• 1909: Ernest Shackleton's expedition found the magnetic South Pole.
• 1920: The U.S. outlawed alcohol and went "dry," a year after states ratified the 18th Amendment. Fourteen years of "prohibition" followed.
• 1939: The comic strip Superman made its debut.
• 1957: The Cavern Club opened in Liverpool. Originally a jazz club, it became famous as the first home of the Beatles.
• 1976: The TV variety series "Donny & Marie" premiered on ABC.
• 1987: Red M&Ms returned for the first time in 11 years after being banned because the original red dye used in the candy had caused cancer in laboratory rats.
• 1991: The United States of America declared war on Iraq, beginning the Persian Gulf War.
• 1996: Jamaican authorities fired upon on Jimmy Buffett's seaplane, mistaking it for a drug trafficker's plane. U2 singer Bono was with Buffett, but neither was hurt.
• 2000: Disney animator Marc David died at age 86 after suffering a stroke. He created Cinderella, Bambi, Tinkerbell, Sleeping Beauty, and Cruella de Ville.
• 2003: The Space Shuttle Columbia took off on what would be its final mission. Columbia would disintegrate 16 days later on re-entry.
• 2007: In Tallahassee, Florida, a hunter's wife said when she opened her refrigerator, the duck her husband killed two days earlier raised its head and looked at her. The woman said she freaked out and told her daughter to "get that duck to the hospital right now!" The lucky duck was patched up and taken to a wildlife sanctuary.

• Comic strip cartoonist Jim Berry (Berry's World) is 77
• Auto racing legend A.J. Foyt is 74
• Radio host and author Dr. Laura Schlessinger is 62
• Director John Carpenter (Halloween, Escape from New York) is 61
• Actress/producer/dancer Debbie Allen is 59
• Singer Sade is 50
• Singer Maxine Jones (En Vogue) is 43
• Model Kate Moss is 35
• Baseball's Albert Pujols (St. Louis Cardinals) is 29

Lets get this out of the way so you can PROGRAM your COMCAST DVR

PRESIDENTIAL ADDRESS TO THE NATION (8p ET, CBS, NBC, ABC and FOX) -- President George W. Bush will address the nation for the final time. Bush will reportedly reflect on the last eight years share his thoughts on greatest challenges facing the country. The farewell address is a ritual that dates back to George Washington.

MY NAME IS EARL (8:30p ET, NBC) -- Erik Estrada guest stars in this new episode. A new "Kath and Kim" is pre-empted due to the Presidential address.

CSI (9:15p ET, CBS) -- CBS's Thursday Night lineup will be broadcast in its entirety immediately following the Presidential address. After nine years, William Petersen says goodbye to "CSI" and his character Gil Grissom. A rebroadcast of the episode where Gil announces he's leaving airs at 8:15p ET.

GREY'S ANATOMY (9p ET, ABC) -- Tyne Daly guest stars as Derek's mother in this new episode. A new "Private Practice" follows. "Ugly Betty's" new episode is pre-empted due to the Presidential address.

KITCHEN NIGHTMARES (9p ET, FOX) -- In this new episode, Chef Ramsay visits La Grange, IL. The new episode of "Bones" is preempted due to the Presidential address.

SUPERNATURAL (9p ET, CW) -- "Supernatural" returns with new episodes tonight, as does "Smallville" at 8p ET.

30 ROCK (9:30p ET, NBC) -- Salma Hayek guest stars in this new episode. A new "The Office" airs before.

ER (10p ET, NBC) -- Alex Kingston returns as Dr. Corday in this new episode.

SERIES PREMIERE: THE BEAST (10p ET, A&E) -- This new series stars Patrick Swayze as an unorthodox but effective FBI veteran who takes on a rookie partner.

ELEVENTH HOUR (10:15p ET, CBS) -- An epidemic of sudden, violent outbursts by law-abiding citizens draws Hood to a quiet Texas community to investigate.


The wife of Howie Dorough of the Backstreet Boys is expecting their first child. [Really? You mean those guys weren’t gay?]

An oil painting done by Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin will be sold for charity. [Along with a connect-the-dots done by President Bush.]

A Pennsylvania couple was arrested after they skipped town following a bank mistake that placed nearly $200,000 in their account. They deposited $1,772.50 but were credited with $177,250. [The couple says they didn’t notice the error. I don’t give their argument much chance in court. Their entire defense is based on dyslexia.]

Paula Abdul now claims that she never made disparaging remarks about the producers of American Idol after they allowed her stalker to audition on the show. [Isn’t memory loss one of the signs of alcohol abuse?]

Reports indicate John Mayer is close to signing a deal with CBS for a musical variety show. [What part of Rosie O’Donnell’s big bomb did they not understand?]

Retail sales plummeted 2.7% in December. [That's because we're all waiting for everything to go on sale for one hundred percent off.]

Retail sales plummeted 2.7% in December. [The only product that sold well in December: Tickle Me Pink Slip Elmo.]

New Zealand police have arrested a burglar by using the popular social networking website Facebook to identify and track him down. [I guess it didn't help that the guy's status message was "Out burgling."]

Two golden Labradors sporting uniforms and leather shoes launched China's first drug-sniffing dog patrol on flights to Beijing this week. [So remember, if you're going to try smuggling drugs into China, don't hide them in your crotch.]

Idaho sheriff's officials said they are running blood tests on about 192 jail inmates who may have shaved with used, disposable razors. [Not only that, but some of them may have been subjected to analog television.]

THIS was soo cool, facebook users enjoy LOL

Burger King's tremendously successful Whopper Sacrifice application on Facebook was suspended Wednesday by the social network. "Facebook has disabled Whopper Sacrifice after your love of The Whopper sandwich proved to be stronger than 232,654 friendships," says a note currently on the front page of Facebook has responded by saying the application is merely being tweaked for privacy reasons. Officials at the social network didn't like that it alerted people who had been "un-friended" as part of the application.

THIS was very sad....

Ricardo Montalban, the Mexican-born actor who became a household name as Mr. Roarke in TV's Fantasy Island died Wednesday morning at his home. He was 88. Montalban had been a star in Mexican movies when MGM brought him to Hollywood in 1946 to star in film. He also played the villainous Khan in both the 1967 "Space Seed" episode of the first season of the original Star Trek series, and the 1982 film Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. He won an Emmy Award in 1978, and a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Screen Actors Guild in 1993.

T.V.'s were on all over the country!!!

An estimated 30 million people watched the season debut of American Idol, making it the most-watched prime-time show of the TV season so far. But Nielsen Media Research said that the audience on Tuesday night was down 10 percent from the 33.4 million who watched the season opener last year. The 37.4 million who watched the 2007 debut represents the series' high point.

Awesome piece done by MSNBC


says MSNBC

• Your mom’s on Facebook. It doesn’t matter how old you are, just accept the fact that your mom’s going to join Facebook to keep up with family and friends, and she’s going to be asking to be your friend, too! Which means, she’ll be able to see everything you post on your page. So, now’s the time to delete the embarrassing party pictures or snarky comments visitors have posted.

• Washington’s the new Hollywood. Although president-elect Barack Obama doesn’t want to look like a celebrity, he rubbed elbows with plenty of them during his campaign. He’ll want to keep A-list stars close enough to help fund his reelection, but not so close that it's bad for the White House image. Even though the Secret Service can keep the paparazzi away, as long as first daughters Sasha and Malia sell magazines, a lot of reporters will be willing to go to any length for a story.

• Late-night TV is changing. Whether you think it’s smart or silly to move Jay Leno to primetime, at least NBC is mixing things up.Who knows whether other late-nighters like David Letterman and Conan O’Brien will follow suit, but Leno's move definitely has the TV year off to an interesting start.

• Weekly magazines like Time, Newsweek, and Woman’s World may not stay weekly. The prediction from MSNBC is that with fewer advertising dollars to go around, some weekly magazines will start publishing every other week and some will discontinue their print versions altogether, and exist only as Websites.

• One final change to expect during 2009: More happy endings. When times are tough, the public’s not so interested in sensational crimes, political scandals or celebrity rumors. With more people staying home, TV will become more important – and viewers will want to see hopeful stories, upbeat movies, and happy endings. After all, Shirley Temple rode “The Good Ship Lollipop” to success through the Great Depression and you can expect similar cheerful entertainment today.

The BRAIN BUSTER Q&A this morning:

The Denny's restaurant chain will be doing something this year that it's never done before. Ever. What? (Advertise during the Super Bowl)



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