Monday, January 5, 2009

Jan 5

Vacation is over and its back to work. HOW MANY PEOPLE had to go back to work today, or better yet how many of you were already working and had little to no vacation?!?! Whatever state you are in or have been in, for me it was great to get back to doing what I love. I hope the near year brings you many wonderful things, and allows you the motivation to do the things you enjoy and curb the things that have been hampering you over the last year! One thing that I am getting excited for is, NEW TV! YES, Santa was good to daddy and now i get to watch a billion new shows in amazing HD surround sound! HA, here is the score card to some cool t.v. shaking down tonight and the rest of the week ENJOY!

THE BIG BANG THEORY (8p ET, CBS) -- The CBS lineup is all repeats tonight.

SEASON PREMIERE: THE BACHELOR (8p ET, ABC) -- Jason is back! This handsome single dad will star in his own bid for true love when "The Bachelor" returns with this 2 hour premiere.

SUPERSTARS OF DANCE (8p ET, NBC) -- A new, 2-hour edition. A new episode of "Momma's Boys" follows.

GOSSIP GIRL (8p ET, CW) -- A new episode. A new "One Tree Hill" follows.

TOSTITOS FIESTA BOWL (8p ET, FOX) -- The Ohio State Buckeyes take on the Texas Longhorns.

THE SECRET LIFE OF THE AMERICAN TEENAGER (8p ET, ABC Family) -- This surprise hit returns with new episodes.

SEASON PREMIERE: ANTIQUES ROADSHOW (8p ET, PBS) -- "Antiques Roadshow" kicks off its 13th season in Palm Springs, CA, with a 1937 painting that is the most valuable object ever appraised on the series.

SERIES PREMIERE: TRUE BEAUTY (10p ET, ABC) -- Hosted and judged by Vanessa Minnillo, along with Cheryl Tiegs and Nolé Marin ("America's Next Top Model") this new reality show judges contestants on their outer and inner beauty. However, the contestants have no idea that the contest goes more than skin deep.

SERIES PREMIERE: DIET TRIBE (10p ET, Lifetime) -- This new reality series follows the emotional journey of five friends as they attempt to go from "fat" to "fit."

C'mon enjoy it! T.V. is fun! Whoever said watching t.v. means your depressed or have emotional problems is crazy! HA take it form a guy named 'Wingnut' t.v is a gooooooood!

*******************************NEWS FILES****************************************
I have some stories THAT TOPPED the news in '09 already that i just had to comment on:

Charles Barkely told the officers who pulled him over on suspicion of DUI that he was in a hurry for sex. [Funny, usually when a suspect says something like that, it's a U.S. Senator.]

More than 100 inmates broke control-room windows, overturned furniture and started a small fire in a temporary housing block at a medium-security state prison in Idaho. [It was just like Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve, but with less slurring.]

The Warner Bros. studio says it has canceled plans to release its blockbuster Batman movie The Dark Knight in China, citing "cultural sensitivities" surrounding the film. [It must be that part in the film where Batman turns a group of underage gymnasts over to police.]

In Australia researchers have figured out a way of shortening the life span of mosquitoes. [They die quicker than the political life of Joe the Plumber.]

The surviving members of the Grateful Dead announced that they are getting back together for a tour in the spring. [Their fans are much older now. I don’t know if their concerts will be as hip with people running around in tie-dyed track suits.]

Israeli ground troops have invaded Gaza. [But out of sheer habit somebody threw a shoe at President Bush.]

In Danbury, Connecticut, a man purchased a winning $10 million lottery ticket on the day he died. [Well, he always said he would win the lottery if it was the last thing he ever did.]

The latest report shows that murders were down in 2008 in many of the country’s largest cities. [I’m not surprised. Have you priced bullets recently?]

Marley & Me was the biggest grossing movie for the second consecutive weekend. [It stars Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson and a big, lovable, unruly dog. Together they travel the country in a van, solving mysteries.]

1. Marley & Me, $24.1 million
2. Bedtime Stories, $20.3 million
3. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, $18.4 million
4. Valkyrie, $14 million
5. Yes Man, $13.9 million
6. Seven Pounds, $10 million
7. The Tale of Despereaux, $7 million
8. Doubt, $5 million
9. The Day the Earth Stood Still, $4.9 million
10. Slumdog Millionaire, $4.8 million

... The #1 movie this week last year was National Treasure: Book of Secrets.


• Anne Hathaway, Kate Hudson
• Two best friends become rivals when they schedule their respective weddings on the same day.

• Clint Eastwood
• Disgruntled Korean War vet Walt Kowalski sets out to reform his neighbor, a young Hmong teenager, who tried to steal Kowalski's prized possession: his 1972 Gran Torino.

• Ralph Fiennes, Kate Winslet
• Post-WWII Germany: Nearly a decade after his affair with an older woman came to a mysterious end, law student Michael Burk re-encounters his former lover as she defends herself in a war-crime trial.

• Morris Chestnut, Taraji P. Henson
• A car accident and shifting affections test the bond between a married couple.

• Odette Yustman, Gary Oldman
• A young woman fights the spirit that is slowly taking possession of her.

I Took a bunch of CALLS today on the radio and most if not all the people I talked to said they would love to save more money in the NEW YEAR, I HAVE so great and some lame ideas for you to do so check them out::


• Precut fruits and veggies. It's the fastest-growing category of produce, and it didn't even exist 10 years ago. Pre-cut produce can reduce your time in the kitchen – but it also costs twice as much as whole produce. Another negative, you're not getting as many vitamins as you think. Produce starts losing vitamin C the second it's cut.

• Anything that's at eye level in the grocery store. Prime shelf space is at eye level, because that's where most people look first. So that's where stores put the products with the highest markup. Less-profitable products end up on the high and low shelves, so that's where you'll find the best bargains.

• Then there's brand-name medication. Over-the-counter meds like Nyquil are often right next to generic versions that cost 30 to 40% less. When you buy the name-brand version, you're paying extra for the packaging and advertising. The smart move: Check the active ingredients and dosages to make sure the generic is identical to the brand-name product.

• French fries. One potato makes about 90 fries – about the size of a large fast-food order. The potato costs about 30 cents but the restaurant charges an 83% markup.

• So, what if you want wine with dinner? A bottle will cost you 100 to 200% more than if you bought it at a store. Meaning, a $10 bottle of wine will cost $30 at a restaurant. A glass of wine is marked up a whopping 300 to 400%! Instead, you might want to bring your own bottle and pay the corkage fee – usually about $10.

• Movie theater popcorn. You probably already thought popcorn was pricey – but it's worse than you thought. The markup is a staggering 1,300 percent!. Which means a $5 bucket of buttery goodness makes popcorn more expensive, ounce for ounce, than filett mignon!


TAYLOR SWIFT may have been the top selling country artist for 2008, with more than 4 million albums sold, but physical album sales were down more than 20 percent across the music industry. The good news is that online digital album sales were up 30 percent to 66 million is 2008.

TAYLOR SWIFT holds the top spot on the Top 200 all formats album chart for a fourth non-consecutive week with Fearless, which sold 262,000 copies.

A book called Fortunate Son: The Rise of Keith Urban will be released in Australia today (Monday). The book chronicles KEITH URBAN’s life and career as well as his marriage to actress Nicole Kidman.

CARRIE UNDERWOOD doesn’t so much get nervous performing for large crowds, but she gets nervous talking between songs. She's learned to work on that by figuring out the crowds are interested in the simplest things, like what she had for breakfast as much as anything else.

DIERKS BENTLEY may have headlined his own shows last year, but he’ll open for BRAD PAISLEY on the winter leg of Brad’s tour. While Dierks may return to headlining at some point, he wanted to go back and hang out with his buddy, Brad, and pick up a few more tips by watching him play.

REBA MCENTIRE says her favorite song recorded by another artist is STEVE WARINER’s The Weekend.

COLLIN RAYE’s next album, Never Going Back, will be released April 7. The album is said to have an Adult Contemporary feel with some crossover country appeal. Collin will tour in support of the project, including dates in Ireland this May.

This spring TANYA TUCKER will release a new album titled That Lonesome Town.

WILLIE NELSON will issue a 17-track collection called Naked Willie on March 17. The albums songs have been stripped down to the form they were recorded in for studio cuts back in the late 1960s.

American Idol finalist KRISTY LEE COOK says she’s glad to have been dropped by former label (Arista) because they were spending too much time and money promoting CARRIE UNDERWOOD. Kristy Lee says she's in talks with Universal and hopes to land a new deal soon.



• Billy Ray Cyrus: Back To Tennessee (1/13)
• Pat Green: What I'm For (1/27)
• Johnny Cash Remixed (1/27)
• Dierks Bentley: Feel That Fire (2/3)
• Wynonna: Sing: Chapter One (2/3)
• Jake Owen: Easy Does It (2/24)
• Raul Malo: Lucky One (3/3)
• Willie Nelson: Naked Willie (3/17)
• Keith Urban: untitled (3/31)
• Emerson Drive: Believe (4/7)
• Collin Raye: Never Going Back (4/7)
• Tanya Tucker: That Lonesome Town (Spring)

I am sitting here surfing the WEB and look what I found this freaked me out: thoughts ideas? PLEASE read on....

If you're 40 and lonely, join the crowd. An Australian study of 1,300 people over age 18 has shown that more than one-third of adults describe themselves as lonely, and people in their 40s suffer the most. Here's some interesting facts about who is lonely and who is not:
• People with strong religious beliefs are less likely to be lonely no matter their age. Women are more likely than men to have strong religious beliefs.
• Loneliness is more common in the unemployed.
• Being retired does not necessarily lead to loneliness.
• Poorer people tend be more lonely than those who are wealthier.
• Knowing a lot of people doesn't guard against loneliness. There is no link between how long someone lives in a community and how lonely he or she feels.

OK..on that amazing note, its time for a NAP!


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