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On the air babble I mentioned today about this BIG HUGE interview Barbra Walters will do tonight with the 'Sawze Dawg' as he often calls himself. Tonight around 10 eastern he will be speaking out in detail about his battle with pancreatic cancer, Patrick Swayze tells Barbara Walters of his daily struggles, including his insistence not to take pain medication while filming his new A&E crime drama The Beast. While again refuting tabloid rumors that he's on his deathbed, Swayze admitted that the cancer has generated "a lot of fear," particularly after learning that it had spread to his liver. "There's a lot of stuff going on," he added. "Yeah, I'm scared. Yeah, I'm angry. Yeah, I'm [asking] why me. Yeah, I'm all this stuff." If you have seen the latest pictures of the guy he looks pretty bad. I hope Miss Walters does a good job with the interview. I have seen some of her stuff before and it is about as out of touch as a WALKMAN in a highschool these days.

More News on J Travolta's son JET. This stuff just shot thru the internet as we speak now. The body of actor John Travolta's 16-year-old son, Jett, was cremated in the Bahamas after his sudden death during the New Year's holiday and his parents flew to Florida with his ashes. Travolta and his actress wife, Kelly Preston, flew out of the Bahamas on Monday night with the ashes, which were turned over to a funeral home in Ocala, Florida. Pathologists performed an autopsy on Monday. The Bahamian Police Commissioner said the results would not be released because there was "nothing criminal" about the boy's death.

... Access Hollywood is reporting that a memorial service for Jett Travolta will be held in Ocala, Florida, on Thursday.

Also yesterday I talked about his religon, and if it came into play on how JT dealt with his son. Check this out ELVIS's little daughter had some things to say about JT and his family. WOW!

Lisa Marie Presley, friend to John Travolta and Kelly Preston and fellow Scientologist, has taken to her MySpace page to defend the couple after the tragic death of their teenage son Jett, clear up perceived misunderstandings about Scientology and relay how much the Travoltas gave to their son. On the blog she writes in part:

I am writing this because I have noticed that for the most part, people and the media have been very sympathetic and respectful, but there are those certain ones that want to use this horrible tragedy as an opportunity to once again, blame and or attack Scientology?
Folks, as popular as it has been to discriminate and ridicule Scientology and Scientologist's in the recent past , Now is NOT the time...
It is not true that Scientologist's "Don't believe in " medical care, medicine or medical Doctors and that may have something to do with this terrible tragedy.
Just like anyone else, If one is sick, they go to the doctor, If a medication will make it better then they take it.
If they don't then they are an idiot and you can't blame their religion.

Um ok.....c'mon chill out and show us you awesome Elvis pouty lip! :)

TV. TV. AND MORE TV tonight:

SERIES PREMIERE: 13: THE FEAR IS REAL (8p ET, CW) -- In this new reality competition, thirteen people try to "stay alive" as they face their deepest fears in all-out elimination challenges. Each week, one unlucky victim will be "killed off" until only one person is left to win the grand prize of - fittingly - $66,666.

THE 35TH ANNUAL PEOPLE'S CHOICE AWARDS (8p ET, CBS) -- Queen Latifah hosts from LA, as viewers choose their favorites in TV, movies and music. Carrie Underwood and Rascal Flatts are set to perform. REMEMBER 'The Flatts' and miss Underwood will be performing!!!!!! AND FROM WHAT I HEAR 'The Flatts' have a HUGE announcement to make??

KENNY CHESNEY and BRAD PAISLEY will compete against R&B singer Chris Brown in the Favorite Male Singer category for the People's Choice Awards. CARRIE UNDERWOOD is up for Favorite Female Singer against Alicia Keys and Rihanna. RASCAL FLATTS is up against Coldplay and Maroon 5 for Favorite Group. In the Favorite Country Song category are Last Name by Carrie Underwood, Love Story by TAYLOR SWIFT and Take Me There by Rascal Flatts.

20/20 (9p ET, ABC) -- This special is titled "Vanished: Missing in Milwaukee". A woman from Milwaukee desperately searches for her missing daughter.

LAW & ORDER (10p ET, NBC) -- A new episode.

BARBARA WALTERS SPECIAL: PATRICK SWAYZE: THE TRUTH (10p ET, ABC) -- In his first TV interview since being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer earlier this year, Patrick Swayze and his wife, Lisa, speak exclusively to Walters ( i mentioned this already i am gonna DVR this thing )

TOP CHEF (10p ET, Bravo) -- The contestants must make a sweet treat without using sugar.

SEASON PREMIERE: DAMAGES (10p ET, FX) -- William Hurt, Timothy Olyphant and Marcia Gay Harden join stars Glenn Close and Ted Danson for what's sure to be an amazing season 2.

SOMETHING from the didcha know file?

Our greatest fear is being in plane crash, according to a new survey conducted by Harris Interactive for the American Diabetes Association. Here's the top five things we fear the most:
• Being in a plane crash: 16%
• Snake bites: 13%
• Being hit by lightning: 5%
• Getting a disease: 5% (cancer, 49%, 3% diabetes)
• A shark attack: 4%

Speaking of PLANES, yipes a horrible segue I might add.....

I talked to Jim West today he is flying back to Arizona. I told him to reach out for a Wingnut and buy me a cactus. I hear they are real authentic back there in the GREAT DRY STATE of AZ. I wish him happy safe travels looks like he will be back on Monday. I got to thinking though while he spoke and told me all the fun things he will be doing on his much deserved vacation but all I could hear him say was it was a direct flight! HA he is lucky, I wish mine were back to the Northwest. Jim is a real cool dude, but when I asked him to leave he key to his house, he declined. I guess he thought I would eat cheatos and rub the residual cheato dust on his couch and curtains! HA HA :) Jim have a killer flight man! WATCH the wacky turbulence on your way out of CO!!!!!!!!

nap time now....


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