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Jan 8


What more could one ask for sunshine and 61 TODAY in the BEAUTIFUL CITY we live in!
SUNSHINE feels good, get me? I might actually try to get out my new OPEN TOED SHOES today to celebrate! C'mon I know where you mind is wandering, they are not silly hippie shoes, like birk-enstockie type shoes, nawh I would never bee to cool for those! They are from OLD NAVY.

Most people were sick to death this morning when they listened to me. No, seriously we had some fun with some very silly concepts in the making of modern day 'smell good.' Cologne baby, try to keep up. Ladies and Gentlemen I present to you burger king cologne. YES Burger King is hoping to be known as more than “The Home of the Whopper.”This weekend, the fast food chain rolled out “Flame,” a new men’s body spray billed as “the scent of seduction with a hint of flame-broiled meat.” Because nothing's more romantic than the scent of mass-produced beef patties...YUM! The Phone blew up when I asked people, if they could turn anything in their lives into a body spray what would it be and why! HA! If you missed your chance of calling, please zap me an e-mail and share you ideas and thoughts:

ITS JANUARY 8th you know what that means? PLEASE, cue the Elvis music, THE KING LIVES today is his birthday!!! Elvis Presley was born, 1935. How old does that make him, if your reading this the first e-mail who can give me the correct number will win something cool from the Cat Country Prize Vault. Ha it sounds so official, its really a dark, dusty hall closet with a squeaky door. Send me the correct number by 9pm tonight, via e-mail, the first person to correctly do so WINS! See?!?!?! Further incentive to check in as the blogging saga continues. My e-mail address is GOOD LUCK!!

Cat Country time tube: ELVIS PRESLEY

In 1946, Elvis Presley received an $8 for his birthday. He was also given a can of soda pop, which had been all shook up and, well, the rest is history.
Yes, the king of rock & roll, Elvis Aaron Presley, was born on this date in 1935. Test your knowledge of the King and his hit records by completing the song titles.

• Don't Be _____ (Cruel)
• Hound _____ (Dog)
• All _____ Up (Shook)
• Let Me Be Your _____ (Teddy Bear)
• Are You _____ Tonight (Lonesome)
• _____ Minds (Suspicious)
• _____ Rain (Kentucky)
• Crying In The _____ (Chapel)
• _____ Rock (Jailhouse)
• Viva _____ (Las Vegas)

STACY was our big winner she is going to the PBR for FREE! STACY you rock thanks for listening to us, every morning from 5:30 until 9am!!!

To further CELEBRATE the KING let me kick some interesting ELVIS FACTS

10 Things You Should Know About Elvis Presley

1. He was very polite. "He was always taught manners," Sam Phillips says. "His mother thought there was no reason to treat people except with great respect. If you didn't say 'yes sir' and 'no sir', that was a cardinal sin."
2. But you wouldn't like him when he was angry. "He was real slow to anger," Phillips says. "But once he was angered pound for pound I don't know of a person who was stronger. I remember one time at the gas station out the back of the Peabody Hotel. This one person who didn't like his long sideburns wouldn't leave him alone. Elvis had him down on the concrete in no time flat."
3. Colonel Tom Parker really was a colonel. Kind of. Presley's legendary manager was given an honorary colonel's commission in October 1948 by Louisiana governor Jimmie Davis. Parker did serve in the U.S. Army in 1930 and 1931, but he didn't attain the rank of colonel. (Parker wasn't his real name, either.)
4. Elvis's gold suit was the genuine article. The colonel had it designed for him for the opening date of a 10-city tour in 1957. It was made by famous Hollywood tailor Nudie Cohen and cost $2,500. During the show, Elvis fell to his knees and left a pile of gold leaf on the stage. Afterward, a distraught Parker begged him never to do such a move again.
5. He really loved his mother, Gladys. At her funeral in 1958, he tried to jump into her grave. For days afterward, he carried him nightgown around with him.
6. He was a very spiritual man. Larry Geller, who became Presley's hairdresser and guru in 1964, introduced him to spirituality. Geller gave him books he would cherish for the rest of his life: Autobiography of a Yogi, The Impersonal Life and Beyond the Himalayas. "I've always known there had to be a purpose for my life," Presley once said, "There's got to be a reason why I was chosen to be Elvis Presley.
7. He made 31 movies over 13 years. "Elvis hated most of those later films," says friend and bodyguard Red West. "I mean, in Stay Away, Joe they had him singing to a bull."
8. He never sold more records in a year than in 1956. That's when the single "Hound Dog" and its B-side, "Don't Be Cruel," sold 4.6 million copies in the United States.
9. And never fewer than he sold in 1967. That year was the nadir of his Hollywood period. "The Easy Come, Easy Go EP never charted," Jorgensen says. "That's when Presley's management realized something had to change. The movie was horrible. The songs were poor and poorly recorded, with bad arrangements. And Elvis didn't sing them particularly well. I'm told the Cokes and burgers during the sessions were OK."
10. Elvis was an officer of the Memphis police force. Shelby County sheriff Roy Nixon made the King a chief deputy in 1970. He had legal authority, and could have made arrests.

OK...OK enough of the TIME TUBE, how about the real COMCAST DIGITAL TUBE?


UGLY BETTY (8p ET, ABC) -- Bernadette Peters guest stars in this new episode.

MY NAME IS EARL (8p ET, NBC) -- "Earl" returns with new episodes tonight. A new episode of "Kath and Kim" follows.

CSI: NY (8p ET, CBS) -- The CBS lineup is repeats tonight.

BCS NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP GAME (8p ET, FOX) -- Tim Tebow and the Florida Gators take on Sam Bradford and the Oklahoma Sooners from Dolphin Stadium in Miami.

GREY'S ANATOMY (9p ET, ABC) -- Jessica Capshaw ("The Practice") joins the show in this new episode for a three story arc as pediatrician Dr. Arizona Robbins.

30 ROCK (9:30p ET, NBC) -- Peter Dinklage and Sherri Shepherd guest star in this new episode. A repeat of "The Office" airs before.

PRIVATE PRACTICE (10p ET, ABC) -- "Practice" moves to its new night and time with this new episode.

ER (10p ET, NBC) -- A new episode.

Since we are TALKING TV wow did you see Carrie Underwood last night on the PEOPLE CHOICE AWARDS??!!? WOW!!!

Also 'The Flatts' had a huge massive, announcement and we all figured out what it was as we watched. If you missed it.....

RASCAL FLATTS will release their next album, Unstoppable, April 7 on Lyric Street Records. A portion of the artwork for the album will be designed by the fans. Check out for more details. ( I thought the announcement was something like another member to the band or they were moving to Japan...nope just a ALBUM COVER)

TAYLOR SWIFT is making plans for her first headlining tour this summer. She’s already working up a potential song list and stage production while her people work on dates, venues and other details.

TIM MCGRAW says he's in denial about the idea of his daughters dating, and tells Family Circle magazine the boys will have to get past him first when they come calling. Tim and wife FAITH HILL have three daughters -- Gracie, 12, Maggie, 10 and Audrey, 7. As for how he'll deal with potential suitors, he has some tricks up his sleeve. Tim says, "I've jokingly told my friends who have sons the same age as Gracie that I'm going to hit the nicest boy of the bunch right off the bat. So when he goes to school with a black eye, all of the other boys will see that I've punched the nicest one and they'll be scared to death of me." (the song cleaning this gun comes to mind?)

WYNONNA's national TV ad campaign for the weight loss program Allī (pronounced like ally) hit TV airwaves this week, with print ads coming next month. (I am curious if OPRAH heard about this?)

TRACE ADKINS’ ten-year-old daughter, Mackenzie, will play a munchkin in the Nashville based version of The Wizard of Oz, taking place at the Tennessee Performing Arts Center, January 13-18. She was one of twelve students from Franklin Middle School selected to take part in the shows. (She is very cute and perfect for this type of role, who knows future movie star or starlet in the making)

LADY ANTEBELLUM performs its new single, I Run To You, tonight on Late Night With Conan O’Brien. (Watch this, it will be good, if you can't watch USE your COMCAST DVD to record this puppy)

DID you miss it this MORNING?? THE WHAT ARE YOU KIDDING ME STORIES of the day:

Motorcyclists in Nigeria have been wearing dried pumpkin shells after new laws were enacted forcing them to wear helmets. In Kano, Nigeria, police have stopped several bikers with "improvised helmets" after the law was introduced on New Year's Day. Road safety officials have warned that people wearing dried pumpkin shells would be prosecuted. (who wants to smell like pumpkin pie all day?)

A Seattle technology entrepreneur said his 24-hour lava lamp webcam fills an Internet void -- but he doesn't know who would watch it. Jerry Whiting said he put the live video of two lava lamps on the Internet simply because he could not find anything else like it. Whiting says, "I'm a nerdy guy. I got to wondering if there was a lava lamp webcam. And when I realized there wasn't, I had to fix that." While Whiting was unable to say what sort of person would be attracted to a lava lamp webcam, the site was picked as one of the 25 most interesting webcams on the Internet in 2008. (Cool idea, but why not invent a lava lamp that spits real money out of the top of it, c'mon man we are in a recession)

A New York doctor is demanding that his estranged wife pay him $1.5 million to compensate him for the kidney he gave her while they were still on good terms. Dr. Richard Batista said he gave his kidney to Dawnell Batista in June 2001. She filed for divorce in July 2005. Richard Batista wants his estranged wife to pay a heavy price for cheating on him and destroying their marriage. (Sometimes that phrase 'You can pick your friends but you can't pick your family' means nothing to people these days!)

A guy in Pennsylvania could spend up to 37 years in prison for tearing open a neighbor's door with a chain saw. Police say Robert Kane began sawing through the front door of Jamie Zaleski's apartment in Scranton while Zaleski and several friends ran out the back. Kane was angry because a friend of Zaleski's parked in front of his house across the street. (Say it with me "What are you kidding me?")

OK one more thing today, WORDS! We use them everyday, but have you noticed some of us are inventing new ones? Read on, you will get my drift....

Not-so-real words popping up in every day conversations...

• RETROBUTION - The process by which children who came of age in the Sixties grow up to become especially strict parents.

• PEDALESTRIAN - A person who rides their bicycle on the sidewalk.

• VACATIONSHIP - A relationship formed during, and usually ended immediately after, a vacation.

• VIRTUAL FRIDAY - The last day of work or school in a shortened workweek.

• YELLULAR - Speaking with a raised voice in response to a bad cell phone connection, in the misguided hope that talking louder will improve the connection.

• INSOURCING - The process by which employees are given a severance package and then rehired by the same company "on inferior terms and conditions.

• ELEVENSION - One notch higher than tension.


Nap Time......


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